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fits for following cars with EA888 Gen.3 engine and IHI turbocharger IS38:

VW Golf VII 1.8 4x4 TSI (MKB:CJSB) 132KW/180PS
VW Golf VII 2.0 R TSI (MKB:CJXB, CJXG, CJXC, DJHA) 206-228KW/280-310PS
VW Golf VII GTI 2.0TSI (MKB:CHHA, CHHB, CXDA, CXCB, CHHA, DLBA, DNUC, CJXE, CJXG) 162-228KW/220-310PS (inkl. Performance + TCR + Clubsport +CS S)
VW Polo 6C GTI 1.8TSI (MKB: DAJA, DAJB(DSG)) 141KW/192PS
VW Polo AW1 GTI 2.0TSI (MKB:CZPC) 147KW/200PS
VW Tiguan 5N(AD1) 2.0 TSI 4Motion (MKB:CZPA) 132KW180PS
VW Passat 3C 2.0TSI (MKB:CHHB, CXDA, CJXA) 162-206KW/220-280PS

Audi A1 8X 1.8TSI (MKB:DAJB) 141KW/191PS
Audi S1 8X 2.0TSI (MKB:CWZA) 170-188KW/231-256PS
Audi A3 8V 1.8 TSI (MKB:CJSB, CJSA) 132KW/180PS
Audi S3 8V 2.0 TSI (MKB:CJXB, CJXF, CJXC, CJXD, DJHB, CJXG, DJHA) 206-228KW/280-310PS
Audi TT 8S 2.0TSI (MKB: CHH) 169KW230PS
Audi TTS 8S 2.0 TSI (MKB: CJXG) 228KW

Skoda Octavia 5E 1.8TSI (MKB:CJSB) 132KW/180PS
Skoda Octavia 5E RS 2.0TSI (MKB:CHHB, CHHA, DLBA) 162-180KW/220-245PS
Skoda Superb 3T (3V) 4x4 2.0 TSI (MKB:CJXA) 206KW/280PS

Seat Ibiza 6J/6P 1.8TSI (MKB:DAJA) 141KW/191PS
Seat Leon 5F 1.8 TSI (MKB:CJSA) 132/180PS
Seat Leon 5F Cupra R/290/300 2.0 TSI (MKB:CJXE, CJXA, CJXH, CJXC) 195-221KW/265-300PS

This is a direct plug and play exchange for stock mounted part. The manufacturer has designed the stock turbo outlet for reducing the noises of the turbocharger while using a silencer. However, this is not an optimal solution for the air flow at the turbocharger outlet (fresh air pressure side).

The WagnerTuning turbo outlet was designed with the help of CFD flow simulations for the best possible air flow. The inner diameter has been increased from Ø40mm to Ø44mm. It´s a cross-sectional enlargement of almost 22%. This results in a higher maximum performance output and an improved response behavior.

Production: CNC-manufactured (Made in Germany)
Material: high strength aluminum alloy
Color: black anodized

Kit comes with:
1 x Turbo Outlet


Turbo Outlet for VAG 1.8/2.0 TSI Engine EA888 Gen.3

Excluding GST/HST
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