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S3 8L 1,8T 1999-2001 154KW/210PS (APY, AMK, AUL)
S3 8L 1,8T 2001-2003 165KW/225PS (BAM)

The WAGNERTUNING Audi S3 (8L) Intercooler Upgrade Kit is a high performance front mount intercooler kit designed to replace the restrictive and inefficient OEM side mount intercooler for the horsepower seeking S3 Tuning enthusiast!
Our engineers have designed a large face, extremely efficient intercooler core and combined it with high flow endtanks to provide increased flow and incredible charge cooling properties over the OEM solution.
Constructed of the highest quality Bar and Plate intercooler cores combined with cast aluminum and then CNC end tanks for reliable high performance air to air charge cooling.
OEM+ Fit and finish for easy installation.

The WAGNERTUNING Audi S3 (8L) Intercooler Upgrade Kit features:

high performance 600mm x 355mm x 50mm 10,650cm³
stock intercooler: 2pcs 174mm x 183mm x 85mm, 2.700cm³
CAD / FEM optimized cast aluminum end tanks
60mm inlet, 70mm outlet
includes high grade hardware and black silicone hoses
easy installation

Performance Intercooler Kit Audi S3 8L

Excluding GST/HST
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