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Updated Competition EVO1 Gen.2 Intercooler Kit for Audi S2*/RS2.

The WAGNERTUNING Audi S2*/RS2 EVO1 Gen.2 Intercooler Kit is a high performance redesign of the stock mounted Audi OEM intercooler. This intercooler is a perfect solution if you are going to use the OEM intake manifold.
Our engineers have increased the intercooler core and improved the end tank design to remove any OEM bottlenecks, resulting in increased flow rating and charge cooling properties.
Updated to the latest tube fin technology for the intercooler core, combined with cast aluminum and then CNC endtanks for reliable high performance air to air charge cooling. Designed as an OEM+ Fit and finish for easy installation, this is the maximum size of intercooler that can be installed under the OEM S2 or RS2 bumpers. No cutting required!

The WAGNERTUNING EVO1 Gen.2 Intercooler for the S2* / RS2 features:

- latest tube fin technology intercooler cores
- core size 500mm x 205mm x 85mm vs. OEM RS2 500mm x 185mm x 65mm
- minimal pressure loss across intercooler
- cast Aluminum CNC machined endtanks,
- stealth Flat Black finish
- direct fit on ADU

WAGNERTUNING EVO1 Gen.2 Intercooler Kit comes supplied with a stainless steel bracket for easy mounting to 3B or ABY cross member.

*) in combination with surrounded RS2 parts


Comp. Intercooler EVO1 Gen.2 Audi 80 S2*/RS2

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