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World's First, Most Advanced and Widely Adopted cloud-based flash tuning platform for the BMW F and G series vehicles!

Build the ultimate tune for your S55 powered vehicle and go from stock to full race calibration, and everywhere in between, with a map switch in the provided mobile app. bootmod3 calibrates the factory vehicle modules over the OBD port in a matter of minutes in the convenience of your driveway or anywhere internet access is available.

Our latest development includes the addition of the bootmod3 CustomROM features that add advanced end user and tuning features such as:

Map Switching On-The-Fly using steering wheel cruise control buttons. Flash the vehicle once and have access to 4 switchable maps on the steering wheel changing the calibration entirely from one map slot to the next

Flex Fuel Tuning - Tune for any Ethanol blend by having a Flex Fuel sensor report Ethanol % to the engine control unit (DME) and have it manage the tune from regular petrol (0% Ethanol) to 100%, without re-flashing

AntiLag - build boost while stationary or rolling by using steering wheel cruise button press and the Accelerator pedal allowing for insta-boost when roll racing or launching

New Map Editor - advanced tuning editor with close to 5000 tuning tables available

Datalogging of over 80 advanced (RAM) channels and hundreds of others available at highest throughput of any tool available on the market today

Ethanol In-Dash Indicator - software changes applied to the DME to allow checking of your Ethanol content as reported by the Flex Fuel Sensor in the vehicle's dash on the RPM gauge (e.g. 2000rpm = 20% ethanol, 5500rpm = 55% ethanol)

For details on CustomROM visit our Wiki by clicking HERE

Stage 1 91: up to 20%HP / 22%TQ

Stage 1 93: up to 22%HP / 23%TQ

Stage 2 91: up to 23%HP / 26%TQ

Stage 2 93: up to 24%HP / 26%TQ

Stage 2 E30: up to 26%HP / 26%TQ

Stage 2 Racegas: up to 26%HP / 26%TQ

Stage 2H 91: up to 38%HP / 30%TQ

Stage 2H 93: up to 42%HP / 30%TQ

Stage 2H E30: up to 45%HP / 33%TQ

Stage 2H Racegas: up to 45%HP / 33%TQ

Stage 2 AGG (Aggressive burble) versions of maps also available.

bootmod3 app and cloud services offer many unique features not found in any other flash tune including and currently available:

Mobile app (iOS and Android) and Web ( including Windows and macOS support

One OTS map/tune included with the purchase and any other maps labeled as "FREE"

Datalogging hundreds of diagnostic channels, up to 70+ channels concurrently with the highest throughput and sample rates available

Datalog sharing and charting without a need to upload to 3rd party websites or apps using the mobile app or web browser

Ability to log any internal RAM variable values with a number of preset ones available

Cloud-based storage for map data and datalogs

GTS/CS Transmission Flash INCLUDED for DCT equipped vehicles

Reverting back to stock performance map and re-locking the DME to stock programming

Live Dash - realtime vehicle parameter monitoring via in-app gauges


Read and clear trouble codes in all vehicle modules

Reset learned adaptations (octane, knock, Valvetronic, etc)

ECU power reset

(Optional) Off the shelf (OTS) tunes for 91/93/Race gas/E85 octane (SEE HERE)

(Optional) Custom tuning available through tuners in the bootmod3 Tuner Directory. bootmod3 contains a full map editor so you can tune your car yourself or with your local tuner of choice as well.

Some of the OTS and possible aftermarket turbo upgrade custom map features provided by the bootmod3 platform:

Map Customization through Map Editor

Exhaust Burble adjustments on any map (OTS & Custom)

GTS Startup Roar

Max Cooling Mode

Cold start (cat heating on startup) removal for quieter cold start

Cat efficiency check (CEL) removal for de-cat downpipes (for off-road use)


Electronic Wastegate (EWG) Disable

Custom TMAP Sensor Adjustments

Exhaust Flap Adjustments (Sport Mode)

Top Speed Limiter Removal

Custom High-Pressure Fuel Pump Settings

Boost By Gear % Reduction

DTC Deactivation

Re-calibrated Sport Gauges on iDrive

Maps for upgraded turbos

E85/blend, RaceGas, and Meth Injection Tuning

Custom Throttle Mapping

Backend Flash Maps for Piggyback Use

S55 engine BMW Vehicles supported:

2014-2020 F80 M3

2014-2020 F82/F83 M4

2018-present F87 M2 Competition

For more info take a look at the FAQ here!

*** 2019+ S55 models with March 2019 software require bench unlock.


Excluding GST/HST
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